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Welcome To 911 CLUB SPORT!
I had read about the Club Sport version of the 911 about 5 years ago while searching the internet for unique and different Porsches, but kind of forgot about it. Then, in early 2001 while researching a pristine RS look-a-like (even had the 2.8 with high butterfly) I stumbled back into the Club Sport with the help of Brian Pierson and Stewart Howe. I would not have found my car if not for them and I thank them every time I drive it!
My car was owned by George Frazier and he bought it new in 1988. I have yet to speak to George, but have found out that not only does he have an extensive car collection, but he races Porsche Cup Cars in Europe and US (or at least he was in standings last time I checked). According to my sources, he basically forgot about the car and has his personal assistant/valet arrange the transaction through BlueGrass Motors-the only Porsche dealer in Kentucky.

There are 924, 968 993 and 996 versions of the Club Sport (mostly RoW) but this site will focus mostly on the North American 911 Club Sport.
Only 28 cars were imported from 1987-1989. From all of my research I seem to own the ONLY Diamond Blue Metallic CS. There are also one Targa and one sunroof CS.
It's my site, my opinions and I apologize in advance for the pop-ups but it's free!
I welcome your comments and love that people worldwide have found the site and contacted me with great interest and feedback on the CS!
Hope you like the site.
So why is it so unique?
Weight in Lbs.
Carrera Club Sport- 2601
Carrera coupe/targa- 2756
Turbo- 2976
*Weight saving might not seem like a lot, but everything was done by the factory*
All the following are weight saving changes or deletions:
no foglights, power seats, power windows, automatic setting of the ventilation system, central locking, rear seats, sound proofing materials and carpets (except on ceiling and engine), central console... And to accentuate the philosophy of the car, major options weren't available (turbo look, A/C system, full leather interior, headlight washers).

Crazy little things like no lock on trunk release, passenger sun visor (I really miss this one), and even the little jacket hooks.

Performance enhancements
Chassis settings just went on lowering the car and stiffer Bilstein shock absorbers. Combined to larger wheels and tires, the car has a great adherence and handling precision is enhanced. As an end, the engine was slightly improved with revised DME, new air filter, hollow inlet valves, specific crankshaft carter and cylinder heads. It wasn't more powerful but has an extended power band and a better hability to rev. The red line get from 6,300 rpm to 6,850 rpm which helped the top speed.

On the North American version the Club Sport logo runs along the front left fender and no Carrera logo on the engine deck lid.

From the exterior, the car is easily identifiable by its fixed rear spoiler and the 16" Fuchs rims (15" in Germany). The rear spoiler is a finer version of the 930 one. As the car was devoided of fog lights, the front spoiler is similar to the 911 SC.
On UK cars a little 'CS' logo took the place of the 'Carrera' one on the the rear engine lid. The most recognizable cars were painted in Grand Prix White with red 'Carrera CS' paintings on the bottom of the doors and rims painted in Guard Red.

There are other differences just like there are with all NA Porsches


E-mail me your questions and comments!
I apologize in advance for any incorrect or incomplete info. I am trying to substantiate evreything here by cross referencing sources etc.

Also, the photo pages require a lot of scrolling to see all the pictures. I am NOT a webmaster, just someone who basically knows how to turn the computer on and off, so give me some slack!

Nice Rear!


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